Head Supports: I Love the Duo Head Support for my LO. Before using, he would cry the entire time while in the car seat. After just the second day, he fell right to sleep. He looks and I can tell he is much more comfortable and relaxed. I would definitely recommend!


Strap Covers: These strap covers work great! They are gender neutral and super soft. They work perfectly for my toddler's stroller.


Strap Covers: Love these animal strap covers. They are super soft and provide the perfect solution so the car seat straps do not irritate my daughters sensitive newborn skin. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy quick fix to those uncomfortable baby straps.


Backpack Harness: I love this backpack. It's super adorable and I get so many compliments on the pack. It's great to have when I go to crowded places when she wants to walk around and not be in a stroller or carried.


Bear Harness: This product is great. My son loves the bear and likes to carry it around. As a result when we put the back park to utilize the harness feature he isn't hesitant or trying to take it off. Goes on and comes off easily!